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Inspiration in Colors
How do we highlight a tapestry within our homes? What colors work well and when? Join us as we take a closer look at the placement of tapestries within the decor scheme of a home. Drawing attention to the purpose of a tapestry, how it supports or highlights a space and answering question that are key to tapestry selection.

The first element we'll look at is color.

Mediterranean Bathroom by Shreveport General Contractors Terry M. Elston, Builder
This dark colored tapestry highlights the colors scheme in this bathroom. The warm lights and dark framed mirror on the mirrors the hues on the tapestry wall. The use of floral accents on the mirror are reflected in the tapestry itself to bring a sense of texture and interest to the room.

Color Lesson:

Pair the colors of your tapestry with the colors of the room. Contrasting colors allow texture and detail to be highlighted in both the tapestry and the room.


Scandinavian Bedroom by Roswell Home Builders Ashton Woods
This minimalistic room with simple tones allow this tapestry to standout. The rustic red colors calls forth a sense of antiquity and sophistication to the space. The final touches are accentuated by the contrast of black and white colors in the room - the finials and lamps offer a beautiful sense of symmetry that frames the placement of the bed.
Color Lesson:
Allow the color of your tapestry to boldly frame your room. Make sure the color tones are suitable. A bright red tapestry in room would certainly dissipate an sense of ease felt in the gentle white and grey colors.


The soft green and blue colors of this tapestry bring a calm and serene feeling to this yellow walled entryway. The deep brown wooden furniture add a depth of sophistication and earthiness to the room, matching the nature landscape depicted in the tapestry.
Color Lesson:
Utilize the same tone of colors in your tapestry. Allow the subject matter of the tapestry to match the existing decor values of your room.

March 10, 2016 by Tapestry Zest
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